Why are we highlighting these organizations and individuals?  Aren’t they just presenting their view and exercising their legal right to do so? After all, the right to free speech applies not only to ideas we like. Yes, but not all speech is equal. 

First, Decode Hate contains profiles of groups pushing fear and hate. It is important to understand their strategy for what it is. Like other offensive, hateful, and unsubstantiated speech, we must condemn it and challenge it with more speech. 

Second, while hate speech may be protected, it ought not be welcomed or supported. Whether by businesses providing services or universities hosting credible debates of ideas or policy makers seeking legislative remedies, hate must not be normalized, but rather rejected. 

Finally, when hate speech includes threats and “fighting words,” an oft-cited designation from a landmark 1941 Supreme Court ruling, it is not protected. Whether those profiled on Decode Hate cross into inciting violence and engaging in activity not protected by the U.S. Constitution, that is up to the determination of law enforcement. We will monitor and remain vigilant.

Decode Hate’s objective is simple. Our videos and informational briefs highlight the work of select organizations and individuals that profit from the propagation of hate. The resources you’ll find below provide the background knowledge to effectively speak out against bigotry and counteract the spread of misinformation and fear.