About decode hate


What is Decode Hate? 

Decode Hate examines the sprawling, deeply embedded network of monetized hate. By underscoring the deliberate misinformation and fear-mongering of featured organizations, this project reveals how hate is translated into mainstream discourse and discriminatory policies. Building off past initiatives of allied groups whose tremendous work first brought these networks to light, Decode Hate provides clear and concise information to drive the public narrative away from fear and back to facts. Decode Hate is a resource for the general public, allowing any individual - not just policymakers, researchers, or the media - to take part in constructive dialogue, counteract anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry, and stem the racism and xenophobia that pervade our society.

The effort to Decode Hate in our society is ongoing. This site will be updated to feature new content.


Who is AAIF? 

The Arab American Institute Foundation is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to encouraging, recognizing, and celebrating Arab American participation in American civic life, and to cultivating and mobilizing a strong, educated, empowered Arab American community that can play a meaningful role in the betterment of our country. AAIF established Decode Hate as part of its programming to provide communities with the platform and hard data necessary to strategically and successfully counteract xenophobia and racism, with an emphasis on anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry.